Warning: Explicit Containers

Hello everyone! I can now happily announce that I found  enough strange things around to write a first post about them and share them with you. The theme this time is "containers" but of course I went a little bit off-topic.

The anatomy of a villain

A few weeks ago I wrote about Disney princesses, which brings me to today's question: 

Which kind of villain would you be? 

The choice shouldn't simply be based on the charm and charisma of the character, that would be too easy! There are in fact a couple of personality traits that define every villain and might apply to your most evil desires.

A lot of sky

For this post I wanted to take you out of the Supermarket (but click here if you want to check that out later) and into the city. This one is a real city. With skyscrapers and yellow taxis, with unexpected places worth stopping for a picture. But most importantly with something I would like to call "a lot of sky" as the lack of mountains surrounding me never ceases to amaze me.

Can, you handle this

Hello everyone! As promised this week I'll take you around supermarkets to show you the strange/politically incorrect things I found. You will be surprised by how many things come in tins/cans here!

Is Winter coming?

It shouldn't be a spoiler anymore if I say that "Winter is coming"... This time I'm not talking about the Wall and its Walkers *if you haven't seen Game of Thrones, you should!* being July the coldest month of the year it is just obvious that in some ares you can find some very confusing Christmas Wonderland type of festivals.

Imagine a world where the words you speak appear on your skin

Being laptopless after such a long time stopped being unsettling and turned out to have an impressive influence on the duration of my smartphone  battery *cough cough*.
I'm still reading a lot when I have some free time so let me share this interesting picture that combines reading/living/thinking/body image.