Why do we write blogs?

If only we could do humanity as much good with our blogs as our predecessors did with books. If Proust wasn't busy eating Madelines born in the XIX Century he would have totally written something like this. But in all seriousness, he used that sentence to talk about his writing, so it's not that far off. 

You are doing a great job at living!

I had a dream, that the importance of my daily actions will not be judged by the impact they have on the World but by the effort I put in them. If you've been here long enough or, to be honest, just since last week, you will know that I tend to compare everything to 'when I was in school'. I know, I do that a lot and, guess what? I am about to do it again. Brace yourself.

What do you identify as?

Imagine the scene. You are dressed up for a night out with friends, wearing your black lipstick and new platform shoes. Right before entering the pub a random guy asks: "Hey, do you think you're Goth?". What would you say? Thankfully this didn't happen to me, or I would have completely missed the point of a night out for some deep philosophical thinking about the essence of life and aesthetics. But hey, isn't this what I do every week on this blog?

Adulting Myth Busters -Episode 4

If I had to define adults, as general entities, I would say they would likely have their shit together. Which not only includes the whole 'being responsible' thing, but also the 'finance' thing.

Be the kind of friend that tells me if I have lipstick on my teeth

I am sure there is someone else, out there, that is going through my same situation. A couple of years ago, as I started caring more and more about eyebrows, my attention towards lipsticks decreased. Maybe all this 90's vibe and beige, pardon: 'nude' colours  simply took away the focus from lips. The point is that the infamous Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge didn't even cross my mind. Eyebrows on fleek though are all the rave. They're bang on trend. Amazeballs. And other hip expressions I don't need to add for you to know that I'm cool.

How sales tactics have reached a whole new level

Every person has the power to succeed in doing many things, some may be more difficult to achieve, others, instead, come as easy as to breathe. Or in my case, as easy as falling for possible sales tactics. How to forget my inability to resist anything in a supermarket that says 2 for $3; though the story I'm about to tell you revolves around more meaningful things, items that defines who we deeply and truly are. In a word: clothes.