Another woman's beauty is not the absence of your own

Women are undeniably beautiful. Nobody can argue with this. 
We come in so many different sizes, colours, and shapes, and express our beauty in multiple ways according to our style and taste. This to say that no two women are ever beautiful in the same way. (This came up in a post related to yoga pants. Who said talking about clothes is shallow?)

As Sprinkleofglitter once said: 
Everybody compares themselves to others, it's very hard not to, but when it becomes a habit we should remind ourselves that we are, in fact, different. Rather than looking at someone on Instagram and think "I wish I could be that fit, with such blue eyes, much beachy waves, very big lips" I say: Yes, they are all of those things, but I am a whole set of other things! I'm Mediterranean, not afraid of rocking a high ponytail, and I barely have to fill-in my eyebrows haha.
The point being: it's perfectly OK to be your own set of things. Value what you are, don't wish you could be what somebody else is.

Make it happen

I am still flying across the World as this gets posted. It will probably take me a little time to adjust between different season, time zone, house, still being laptop-less... bacisally everything.
But I made it happen! :) Talk to you soon, from Australia!

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Nightmare before packing

Every time I turn the radio on I hear songs about travels. No wonder, you'd say, it's summertime, holidays for nearly everyone, of course people are travelling. Well, those songs make me understand all the reasons behind a journey: be it a long one or just a day, leaving everything behind for a fresh start, dreaming of something exotic and life-changing. Or the exact opposite: going back where you used to spend time as a kid, seeing old friends, or travelling to a new place where you don't know anyone yet. I know the basis, but I don't know the practical side of it! How do you pack?

I've always had a serious problem with packing, I'd spend weeks procrastinating and days stressing out and wondering what to take with me, just to panic when my suitcase turns out to be too heavy. I get the same feeling of when you have to go to the dentist, or when you watch someone with a simple cough gets visited by Dr. House. Got the creepy idea?

What I utterly dislike is the "picking" phase. Once you have all your clothes lined up it's like playing Tetris trying to fit them into your suitcase but, exactly, how do you select those items? I've heard it all by now, these are the most common strategies up till now:

  • Select a key number of items per kind

  • Always remove something before closing your suitcase

  • Bring what you are comfortable wearing, don't bring new things

  • Don't take much with you because fashion there will be different

  • Don't pack things that you can find where you are going 

As I'm typing this I'm looking at my open suitcase on the floor. It's strangely not empty therefore I know it's too heavy and I'm procrastinating trying to figure out what I can leave behind. Not that I want to.

How do you pick your clothes getting ready to pack? Share your tips and mantra with me because I will need it haha!

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Does shopping count as cardio?

Summer is coming and every girl's wish is for shopping to have the same fitness benefit of cardio not only for our purse!
This, and eating as much as we want without getting the extra fat where we don't want it.

And to find our Prince Charming. 
And not to have any bad hair day ever again. 
And to evenly wing out our eyeliner. 
And, of course, World peace 
...and toned underarms.

Feel free to add to the list!

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When unconventional beauty is the real one

A very common topic today is the concept of beauty and how it's perceived or should be! in society, and I'm very glad it is brought up by nearly every major fashion and beauty company. I found an article on MarieClaire where eleven people were redefining beauty itself. Even though this is called 'unconventional' beauty I am pretty sure the majority of people don't look like Victoria's Angels, so we should use that word with care.

"There is no wrong way to be a woman." (Denise Bidot)

"Women shouldn't have to step into men's roles to be empowered." (Rain Dove)

The widening of the realm of Beauty has often put into shame the more conventional concept of beauty, which I believe to be unfair. And, quite frankly, ridiculous when it comes to gender: why does it have to be such a huge deal if a male model wears female clothes, or vice versa? Fashion has done it all by now, medicine and technology are advancing rapidly, in politics everything seems to be fair, same goes for sex and war. Why is fashion still so bounded to gender qualification then? 

"We must stop looking for guidance on how to be beautiful because we can be our own compasses." (Jillian Mercado)

As history of art always showed well-rounded women in most of the paintings and classic statues; it was about time to see some curves on the catwalks as well. I may not be aware of the strategically placed dresses over bones for show purposes, but for social purposes I'm definitely glad we can see other body types on fashion magazines.

"Why are we so focused on having the girl fit the clothes rather than having the clothes fit the girls?" (Robyn Lawley)

For the sake of discussion: if the same "Is your body beach ready" advertisement was showing a different model, that infamous company would have gotten just the same amount of critics and negative publicity.
Just because an advertisement tells that product X is the number one for silky hair, it doesn't mean that they are shaming all the other kind of hair texture. On the other side, whoever was thinking about changing hair products might find that ad the perfect solution at the perfect moment.
So, if you feel you are ready for the beach, grab your bathing suit/bikini/eden leaves and have fun!! If you want to lose weight, please feel free to do so in a healthy way. If you wish you had more "cushion for the pushin" I'm sure there's a way to achieve that ideal as well. If you think your body is not worth showing, you probably need to surround yourself with more positive and accepting people.
Just saying. 

Let's just close that Vogue issue for the time being, as these unconventional(?) beauties are still working on it. 

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Imagine a world where the words you speak appear on your skin

Being laptopless after such a long time stopped being unsettling and turned out to have an impressive influence on the duration of my smartphone  battery *cough cough*.
I'm still reading a lot when I have some free time so let me share this interesting picture that combines reading/living/thinking/body image.

See you for my next post, which will be a good one!! I promise ;)