A good reason to take on a new perspective

Everyone knows that in the Southern hemisphere seasons are opposite compared to the Northern one. It's summer when it's winter and it's winter when it's summer. That is very easy in theory, but I'm finding it pretty hard to grasp at times. By the way, I totally wanted to title this post 'Hello from the other side'.

Do you think you need to 'fit in' the real world?

The whole 'it's not a phase, it's who I really am!' situation has its place in time. The bright side is that, when you are wearing a suit, your background is well covered and you can finally sit wherever you want in the cafeteria.

Adulting Myth Busters -Episode 1

So you have graduated college, or university, and at your age your parents were married and had two babies, a house, a car, a job. What do you have? A minimal looking white Instagram account is not an acceptable answer.

The day when art stopped being glamorous

People often ask me: "Barbs, what's the deal with art today?" Actually, no one ever asks me that, but if they did I would tell them the spotlight is set on the wrong things.

Don't be afraid to be your own set of things

There is a time during everyone's life where you feel like you have to 'pick your place'. In the most popular American high-school movie tradition it's safe to say you had to fit into one of the stereotypical cafeteria groups. Spoiler alert! In reality you don't have to.

Why you should embrace culture shock

The desire to confront the greatness of nature brought Romantic wanderers to travel. Also it's said that opening your eyes to new horizons will open your mind as well. This is all so poetic and awesome, but what about culture shock?