Evil but well dressed

Yesterday I went to the cinema to watch Cinderella, not my favourite Disney cartoon, but I can never say no to fairytale looking ball gown, even when it's on screen. 

One thing I personally wasn't expecting was the wicked stepmother's role given to Cate Blanchett *raise your hand if you don't watch trailers either* , whereas the fairy godmother would be Helena Bonham Carter. This just didn't sound right in my head: Galadriel vs Bellatrix, pure white elf vs black evil witch... Two great acressses nonetheless, and it turned out to be a pretty accurate choice! 

Once again Disney proved that it's worth it to focus on the villains, they're more fun to play with and to dress up! No pointy cheekbones in this case, but a whole lot of 40s inspired outfits. Both Cate's hair and makeup are very representative of the era: curled and pinned-up updo, red lipstick and cat-eye lashes. Definitely more interesting than a little bit of dirt on Cinderella's face. 

Another thing that I liked about Lady Tremaine's character was the palette of colours used. It's no secret I'm not a fan of blue. Sorry Ella. And the cool greens and muted gold used for her outfits, paired with sharp shoulders and spot-on accessories did the trick for me. Sandy Powell, the costume designer, said she didn't intellectualize the symbolic nature of colours, instead she used them because they felt right.

Intuition and instinct to pick colours? I'm totally in!!

We have to admit that green as envy could be a good reading of it in this case, right? The interesting thing is that it's not a youthful spring green, nor a pastel green, this is a strong and mean green that would probably make me look like a zombie if I tried to wear it. But look at Cate, she's literally rocking it.

Not to mention the hats! A whole new level compared to Royal Wedding hats...

Review on the movie itself? Precisely as the original cartoon, but with a few slight changes. So if you liked that one and want to watch it "from a less young perspective" enjoying aspects of the story that are not singing mice and despicable cats, then it's the movie for you.

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Victoria's Secret revealed

On today's news: Victoria's Secret is finally coming to Italy! It seems that they will be opening stores this year but it's not specified where yet. Overlooking the fact that there already is one store in an airport here, I couldn't help but letting out a "Woah!" not only because I am so afraid to run out of the "Love Spell" body cream I bought in London, but also because it was about time for us to join the rest of the first World.
Now can you imagine my reaction, when in the comments to the article someone claimed that with this globalization business it's not fun anymore because you will be able to find everything everywhere. 

"It's not fun anymore"?? That is precisely my definition of fun! I'm tired of planning my holiday according to the brands I can find in certain Countries. That's why I renamed Italy: "we don't have it-aly".

On Lolita forums *quick reminder: I'm referring to the japanese fashion* we often talk about how clothes are a lot easier to find now compared to 10 years ago. Some of us have experienced it all, and of course being able to buy your dream-dress online directly from the shop is a lot easier than waiting for someone who bought it in Japan to sell it as second hand item on a western forum some time later. 

But at what price! Some girls pre-order a dress and sell it for double the price on the most popular websites. Some even say that the quality isn't as good as it was back in the day. Also the list of dream-dresses is virtually endless because you rarely have to patiently wait for years before finding it on sale somewhere.

It's strange how the same topic recently came up in two very different context and the expected answer didn't turn out to be so obvious.

One rock to rule them all

When it comes to movies there are hundreds of actors and directors out there and even though I believe Leo DiCaprio to be slightly more popular than Ewen Bremner, it is still possible to create top 10s and discuss whether the real milestone in the last decade-ish would be Avatar or The lord of the rings.

But when it comes to music for me there is actually only one person, and it's David Bowie. Of course I'm aware he is not literally the only-only one, but he is the J. K. Rowling of glam rock, the Big Mac, the Nintendo. 

The only good excuse for not knowing him is that you are just not into glam rock. And that's ok! We have so many cups at this tea party called life that everybody can have theirs.

So when I was younger and I only listened to Marilyn Manson, my mom got me a Bowie cd probably because the shop owner suggested it, which was hands down one of the coolest presents ever. I immediately put it in my cd player and hung the poster on the wall. I started listening to it non-stop staring at the poster, and mentally connecting Bowie's face to his voice and lyrics. 

Soon enough I found myself talking to the poster about my day and my passions because I knew they likely made more sense to it than to the mother of a teenage girl. Whenever I tried to talk to her about Manson stuff or the movies I watched back then, I knew she did her best trying to look interested, but that was it. Maybe that's why she got me that cd, so I had something else to talk about.
Who can blame her? haha

Do you have a "the one" when it comes to music, books, art, or anything you are passionate about?

+20 charisma

I have an extremely serious question for you today: what happened to those opera glasses that fancy ladies used "back in the day"? Where are they? Who said I can't wear them for my daily life?

Yes I'm talking precisely about these very old fashioned thingies that can instantly bring your charisma 20 points up. Wouldn't you feel much more fashionable, respectable, and cool holding those and observing the scene from a distance? It could be any scene. Some examples?

My face when:

Scene 1- my sister, late for a date, shouting at our pet for sleeping on her fresh clothes when I'm trying to watch an episode of my tv show.

Of course Ru Paul made them work in an outfit, but let's be honest, him and Lady Gaga can get away with pretty much anything!

My face when:
Scene 2- walking out of MAC with the new collection in my shopping bag. They see me rollin...

The fault in our shapes

Girls have boyfriends to tell us white lies like how that dress looks perfect on us even wearing the wrong undergarment to boost out our confidence (and exit the shop asap).
But we rely on our friends to be honest and tell us if that dress we are about to buy really does make us look like a sippy cup, or an overcooked broccoli, before we spend $$$ on it.

The 'fault' is not in our body shape but in clothes, some of which are meant to fit a certain body type more than another. And who is the worst critic of girls? Unfortunately it would be other girls. So, instead of thinking that your friend looks like a pizza, why don't you go shopping with her and play around with other styles?

Always be honest and kind with your girls to help prevent them from walking around looking like a hot mess. Hopefully they will return the favour.