giovedì 24 aprile 2014

Nutella cake in a mug

I'd like to keep up with the tradition by posting a chocolate recipe just a few days after the Easter chocolate overdose. *Remember my post-valentine red velvet?*
Also this time it's going to be a microwavable mug cake because that's how we roll here!

Ingredients: (for 2 mugs)

4tbs of flour
1 teasp of baking powder
3tbs of sugar (or 4 if cocoa is unsweetened)
3tbs of nutella
3tbs of cocoa powder
1 egg
3 tbs of milk
1 tbs oil 

Mix all the dry ingredients, then add the rest and stir well.
Bake on high temperature for 2.30 minutes (use the good old tooth pick trick to see if it's ready)

Nom time!!

giovedì 17 aprile 2014


Don't be deceived by the title, I am not a gamer if we don't count The Sims 

I don't know if it's just me, but I've always kept all my make-up in my bathroom. It was only after moving a couple of times and changing my daily routine that I realised how much of a bad idea that was. I figured that now I use some of my free time to reorganise my makeup in an actual battlestation in my bedroom. 

Here's a picture of my desk before the makeover.

Once I got a laptop I stopped using my PC so that desk became a surface where to put things that didn't have a place... Or stuff that should not have been hanging around in the first place. Things have been accumulating through all high school and the first years of uni, as you may notice from the disposable camera pictures *oh so vintage!*

This is how it looks like now... I'm too attached to some things to put them away, but it is definitely less chaotic, isn't it?

"My battlestation is proper mint like!"

The things I love the most are the glass jar for my brushes which have patisserie tags on them and that mint cupcake on the right with all the different sized cups inside, it turned out to be super useful and also a perfect match with the table cover.

This was so liberating and satisfying! I may have developed a slight ocd since I started uni but up till now I've only reorganised cupboards/wardrobes, never a room... because yes, my whole room has changed! But I'll write a different post to talk about that ;)

sabato 12 aprile 2014

Be the happiest star #1 Let's start with a picture!

I've seen so many #100happydayschallenge around recently, and endless lists of "How to be happy"... Surely a "Huge Sephora haul" or "Shoe unboxing" could make anyone happy but it's only a small step. 
I think, in order to know how to reach happiness, one should know what it feels like to be happy. And the best way to discover this is to think about all those little things in our everyday life that make us feel positive and alive.
In the next months I will show you some of the many shades of happiness. Hopefully you will agree with me, share your experience and thoughts and, why not, try something different in your daily routine :) 

Let's start with a picture

What's a better start than calling a friend over on a sunny day with the idea of taking a special picture for a project.
Lucky stars *
check*, glass jar *check*, cute ribbon and background *check and check*, title? Not found!
Luckily Martina is not only my favourite *and official!* photographer but she understands my ideas and could help me come up with the title for this series of posts. It's of course inspired by David Bowie's "The prettiest star" and you know how much I adore him <3

After moving the jar left and right a couple of times, dropping some stars, replacing them with different colour ones, moving them around some more, we got the right shot. I left the editing to her, because we all need a little photoshop in our blogs, and we could dedicate some quality time to girly chit-chats sitting in the garden under a pale but warm spring sun.

A couple of days later I found other two pics in my e-mail taken by her on that very same day, and I'm glad that she found it such a cool thing to see that she wanted to take a picture and share it with me. You may think flowers look the same everywhere, but I think they look a lot prettier when there's a story behind a shot.

martedì 8 aprile 2014

Across the universe

Since I had lots of fun doing the Glitter post, and I am working on something cool for you to read next time, here I am with another *music* Random Pictures Dayyy!!
It's not quite a "best of Instagram month" nor a simple Pinterest search. These are actual pics I saved here and there *cough Tumblr cough cough* and that have something in common. This time the theme is galaxy!!

This one was tagged #vintage #swag #yolo #hipster ... should I feel ashamed of posting it? Lol No.

I am fully (?) aware of the abuse of photoshop here but it doesn't mean it's not cool!

Don't say I'm your typical "white girl" for these two haha

Kudos for the DIY!! I have these shoes and I haven't worn them since England =(

 As much as I like edgy and fashionable shoes, I see myself wearing boots.

I really wanted to end with some proper art-work (by Transmission-Dream and Touzaiko)

giovedì 3 aprile 2014

A day in pictures: my graduation day

It's hard to describe the anticipation, the stress, the relief, the laughter, and the exhaustion of a day such as my graduation day in Bologna (Italy)! If this one was my 'Second to last' post univ-related, now it's time for the real deal, for what I've been working on since october: this is the end!
The title of my thesis (183 pages) was Personal Beauty and *spoiler alert!* I majored in Aesthetic Philosophy summa cum laude

My 27th of March (2014) in pictures:

There is only one word that can describe my first thought in the morning:
= All right, let's do this!

The preparation was the only relaxing moment of the day...


The wait was literally killing me, I couldn't stop revising and my heels started hurting x.x


At least my family was there trying to calm me down 

Then it was my turn for the presentation/examination of my thesis in front of all my professors.

A quick change of shoes and off we go singing "DOTTORE DOTTORE!"

We went to this super fancy bar for a dessert-lunch because I've always wanted to try those cake design creations. Mine was called "Sleeping Aurora" and it was chocolate mousse with a raspberry heart <3

We also take this awesome 'Last supper' shot!

Excuse the derpiness but I can't fake excitement *cough*

 My friends know me too well!!
And they also know what I would never wear >.>

Touch the hunchback for some good luck!

But it's ok because in Bologna: graduation = dressing up, 
I even met Smurfette and the Blue fairy with all their friends :P

Tumblr fandom time!!
About this I can only say: Nicki minaj, Jessica Fletcher, kawaii nails. So I better move on...

My friends wrote this 'papyrus' which is a traditional long poem about the new doctor's life with jokes and epic episodes. It was all rhyming and everytime I misread a word I had to drink some of that wine... 


Meet strange people and, obviously, dance with them under the porch.
The wine was possibly involved

More interesting games... That I probably should not talk about either XD 

I ran after casually met the asian Joseph Gordon-Levitt!! 

The typical italian afternoon: carbs, architecture, and happy hour.

After a chinotto and a cheeky striptease to get those clothes off me, it was time to go home. Yes I did sleep in the car.

A perfumed bath and bed time. 

PS: If you are a talent scout don't hesitate to contact me and ask about the people shown in the pictures. They will gladly be the new face of De Beers or Chanel.