On the bus. Ep 1

Disclaimer: This is not a on-the-bus story but it's close enough. 

Today I was waiting for my bus at the beginning of the line where it is easier to keep an eye both on the arrival clock device, and on the street, to see if my bus is actually arriving 'now' or not. More often 'not', of course, especially on windy days, when I'm having a hard time preventing my skirt from going all Marilyn on me. Usually, during this time, absolutely nothing relevant happens. Nothing that I would write a blog post about anyway. But today I was standing there, looking at people with backpacks, when I noticed the girl next to me was wearing my same shoes. Mind you, our shoes were not the latest fashion nor the easy choice! 

Belle and the City

Last week I finally took active part in a zombie shuffle! The timing, I have to admit, was a bit strange, since my heart was still in Wonder-Disney-Land, but my mind and crafty side were totally in undead mode! The result was a Princess Belle not-so-brutally killed by the beast. The other option was Belle turned into an object (specifically a broken and dusty doll) because Adam (aka The Beast) never found love. 

Come on, Beastie Boy, if Rihanna found love in a hopeless place, you could have too!

The backpack effect

I have a peculiar hobby: I like observing people, like at the shopping mall, at work, at Starbucks (especially at Starbucks!), or at the bus stop. Their facial expression while reading something on their phones, their makeup or hairdo and how it changes when it's raining, the socks-necktie combo for the day, and so on. Without even realising it I am creating a whole life story based on those few characteristics, and because of the added creative component it's always interesting and it never ceases to amaze and amuse me. 

Hair wall art

There are two kinds of people in the World: those who wash their hair while showering and are done in six minutes, and those who wash their hair trying not to clog the shower while doing so. Process that usually takes twenty minutes of constant untangling your fingers, collecting hair and sticking them to the wall. Or to the shower glass, it doesn't matter. Don't look so shocked because that's how it works

To buy or not to buy

As a kid, I remember watching cartoons and sometimes seeing the typical Angel vs Demon personification of the character, sitting on his shoulders and debating life choices and moral attitude. I never thought much of it, more often than not I found myself acting a certain way without even realising it. Some may call me evil, some good, but I like to define myself as chaotic neutral. Growing up, the same 'good' against 'evil' dilemma presented itself in another form: to buy or not to buy. That is the question. 

Italian and clichès

It's rather funny how, in Italy, people don't realise they do the hand thingy when they talk. You know what I'm talking about, that typical hand gesture where you pinch all five fingers upwards and move your hand up and down. Universally known as "food", it took me years before understanding every one else did it to mock Italians. 

Thankfully there's no mocking to be done in regards of this famous fashion ad, featuring models and highly fashionable possibly Sicilian ladies.

How you doin'?

There is a very vulnerable part of me that comes out in the morning, preferably before 9. When this event occurs, which is virtually every day, I tend not to talk to anyone, I barely smile, slightly drool and I only want brains. If I accidentally encounter other people I would rather be ignored but, unfortunately, down here people don't understand, or know, the concept of 'quick morning greeting', or even better: 'acknowledging each other'

Gluten is the new evil

Do you remember when it was socially accepted to claim "she wants to become a top model" when someone would go on a diet and/or turn down a dessert during the '90s? Well, I deeply regret saying it's not like that anymore. Food intolerances and new lifestyle diets are the new black, while dieting to change your silhouette is considered anti-feminist, fat-shaming, and overall not empowering.